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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Upcoming BOE Candidate Forums

Do you care about education in Kansas? Are you tired of the anti-evolutionists on the state board of education letting ideology get in the way of expertise?

Chances are if you're a reader of this blog you're already pretty well informed on the science education issues. There are other important issues, too, so we need to get lots of pro-education people to attend these candidate forums being held across the state during the next few weeks. The candidates need to know, in no uncertain terms, that you and your voting friends care about their stance on other issues as well: How should sex ed be taught? Should the public schools be forced to do the job of the INS when it comes to determining who gets to learn in Kansas? Is lowering the qualifications for teachers a legitimate solution to the teacher shortage?

So get together with a few carloads of friends and choose your venue!

June 24
Asbury United Methodist Church Auditorium
5400 W. 75th, Prairie Village Map
7-8:30 pm
District 2 (Currently Sue Gamble's position. Sue is not running)

June 25
Lawrence High School Auditorium
Enter parking lot from 20th & Louisiana Map
7-8:30 pm
District 4 (Currently Bill Wagnon's position. Bill is not running)

June 30
Allison Middle School Auditorium
221 S. Seneca, Wichita Map
7-8:30 pm
District 8 (Currently Carol Rupe's position. Carol is not running.)
District 10 (Currently Steve Abram's position. Steve is not running.)

July 8
Manhattan Public Library
629 Poyntz Ave, Manhattan, KS Map
7-8:30 pm
Distric 6 (Currently Kathy Martin's position. Kathy is running for re-election.)

posted by Cheryl Shepherd-Adams

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