Profoundly Stated

Whenever I find one of the "Thoughts in a Haystack", I immediately want to share it with others. This time, it comes from an anonymous commenter named "TomS." I particularly liked what TomS had to say about the revulsion that some religious people feel concerning the idea that we are related to other primates:

"And if someone finds it repulsive to think that we are related to monkeys, how is it any relief to think that we were purposefully designed to be like monkeys? That does not deny that we are like monkeys, but raises it from a mere matter of the ordinary working of nature to something worthy of particular divine intention."

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  1. John Pieret says:

    “TomS” is a long-time internet acquaintance, friend, participant and contributor to The Quote Mine Project:

  2. John Pieret says:

    BTW, that comment was to a post about the detailed review Smilodon’s Retreat is doing of Stephen Meyer’s Darwin’s Doubt:

    It’s a Sisyphean task and the least we can do is tell the world what he is doing.

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