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I have created a video that explains the evidence supporting the conclusion that human chromosome 2 is the result of the fusion of two ancestral chromosomes.

I blogged about this evidence a few months ago.

Aldactone For Sale, If you liked this presentation, I encourage you to download it.

Video - (22.9 MB)

PowerPoint - (1.45 MB)

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3 Responses to “Aldactone For Sale”

  1. Hey Jeremy,

    Cheryl emailed this document to me to see what I thought about it.

    I find most of what you present to be very plausible. However, I think if you look at the example of the “dik dik” and several other mammalian species, that when sub-species have different chromosome numbers that offspring, let alone viable, are only produced when organisms with the same number sets copulate.

    Therefore, I would suggest that instead of crossings between 47′s & 48′s that it is perhaps more plausible that 47′s yielded 46′s directly, which in turn could produce more 46′s.

    Other than that I really enjoyed your postulate summary.

    What version of “power-point” did you use, or was it some other software?

    Again, I enjoyed your production.


  2. Jeremy Mohn says:


    I used PowerPoint 2003. You can download the file using the link above, if you want to check it out.

    The scenario I offered in the video is admittedly speculative.

    One detail that I left out is that the fusion of chromosomes would likely cause decreased fertility because of the failure of the chromosomes to correctly pair and separate during meiosis I. The mismatch between the 2 normal chromosomes and 1 fused chromosome would likely increase the occurrence of nondisjunction and result in some non-viable offspring.

    You proposed a scenario where “47′s yielded 46′s directly.

    Did you mean to say that 48′s yielded 46′s directly?

    Whatever the explanation, the new fused chromosome must have been fairly stable for it to be retained in our lineage.

  3. Jeremy Mohn says:

    I’ve been doing some more thinking about this topic.

    Another possibility is that the fusion originally occured during embryogenesis, not during meiosis. The resulting individual could then produce multiple offspring with 47 chromosomes. If these offspring mated, then 1 out of 4 of their offspring would have 46.

    Is this the kind of situation you were referring to, Ian?

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